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What is flomo
flomo is the Next Generation Notes, focusing on helping you record more ideas , not more complex articles.

flomo's features

What truly matters is your thoughts not your notes.
Most note-taking apps have fallen into a trap of adding powerful features such as Editing, Clipper, and even All-in-one, but few of them remember that the ultimate goal of note-taking is to inspire thoughts.
So we have developed these features:
  • Easy typing like Twitter
  • Full platform sync (iOS/Android/Web/PWA/MAC)
  • Manage MEMOs by #tags/sub-tags
  • Daily review of past MEMOs
  • Quantify daily records
  • Quick entry with API
  • No ads or privacy sharing

Why we developed flomo

During our career life, I found many people did not take notes or memos. Not because they don't want to, it was these apps! Most tools fell into a trap: focusing on a better writing experience, not connecting knowledge.
While the truth is that only a few people would become writers, however thinking better is more important for the rest.
Compared with how to connect knowledge and write essays, what we lack is to abstract information and ideas out of memos.
As McLuhan mentioned, "we shape our tools thereafter our tools shape us."
In flomo, there is no powerful customization, like Notion; or a bidirectional link system, like Roam; or a Markdowm editor, like Bear.
But flomo focuses on One thing: Helping you write down more MEMOs, with One goal: to build your own think flow.

The philosophy of flomo

Thanks to these pioneers' ideas for our design

We are not good at

Never All in one, flomo only focus on taking and organizing MEMOs.That's why we recommend following apps:

About Us

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it," by Alan Kay(1989οΌ‰
Growing out from today's mist, we hope to make a note-taking tool of inspiring thoughts. Welcome to be one of us, and to enrich your knowledge in the future.
As independent developers, we care about your privacy. We will never sell your private info to any third party for profit.
You can review our Privacy Policy and Terms.


We're looking forward to your feedback. Click here to give feedback. Or join our discord​
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