You can check the storage and switch the compress mode in Settings - Account.

Storage rules

  • Free users: 500M storage. The images will be compressed.

  • PRO members: 10G storage. The original images can be switched to upload.

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Storage rules when PRO subscription expires...

When the membership expires, the storage space will revert to 500M. If your MEMOs have exceeded 500M, you will need to upgrade your storage or clear the exceeded MEMOs within 30 days of your membership expiration date.

If you don't do so, then

The attachments exceeding 500M will be frozen. flomo reserves the right to clear the attachments during the frozen period. You will not be able to upload attachments until you have enough storage.

What if my storage is over 10G?

Don't worry , current statistics show that most users use less than 100M or even less.

As the storage costs reduce, flomo will increase the storage for PRO users. Or we will consider supporting additional purchase.


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