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The more links you have between MEMOs, the more you can feel the great value of the "compounding of knowledge".

How to create a link between two MEMOs

1.Find the MEMO 1 you wish to be associated with, click on the menu in the upper right corner and copy the link
2.Paste the link into MEMO 2 and click [Send].
3.Finish! Now you can click on the highlighted [MEMO>] to view the associated MEMO 1

How to create a new link to an existing MEMO via [Annotation]

1.Click on the menu in the upper right corner of MEMO and click on [Annotate].
2.The link to this MEMO will be automatically generated in the input box
3. Enter the content and click [Send].
4.Success! Click the highlighted [MEMO>], or the associated hint at the bottom, you can view the details of the referenced MEMO on the right.


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