Tag system of flomo is unique. Not only can you set tags in hierarchy, but use tags as part of the body content.

Here's how it works.

How to create a new tag

You can create a new tag by clicking the "#" button below the input box, or by typing the "#" sign directly from keyboard. For example, #tag (end with a space).

Click the Send button when you are done, and a new tag is created successfully.

How to create multi-level tags

flomo supports a #tag/subtag syntax, which is easy to set and navigate tags. For example, if we want to set tags about book Different under tag #Books, and keep tags about a few chapters from the book, then we could write #Books/Different/Marketing_Myoipa. This is equal to create a tertiary tag.

How to modify tags

Currently, only web version supports modifying tags. The feature on app version will come soon.

  • Modify one MEMO: move the cursor to the tag, and modify the MEMO directly.

  • Modify a batch MEMO: click the left menu bar to enter the tag list, click the "pencil" symbol behind the tag name in the headline (currently only available on the web version).

Here you can modify not only the tag content, but also the tag level. For example, if you want to put #Happiness under the tag #Life, you can directly modify it to #Life/Happiness

How to add tags ICON

You can change it by clicking on the icon in front of the tag (PRO feature only).

Click here to see what flomo PRO is

How to delete tags

  • Delete one MEMO: directly edit memo and delete the corresponding tag.

  • Delete a batch MEMO: Not supported yet


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