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What platforms does flomo support?

  • iPhone / Android
  • Web / PWA (Win/Mac/iPad)

Do flomo employees have access to my data?

No. Any data in our database is protected by technology and rules. As a small start-up, all of our revenue relies on the PRO subscription. Therefore, to provide you an ad-proof and private user experience is important.
  • In technology, flomo uses the standard SSL and sets a strict data security standard. You can see details.
  • In rules, flomo promises that no users' privacy will be snooped.
you can see our Privacy Policy

How to export data from flomo

Exporting data is currently exclusive to PRO members, but don't worry, any newly sign-up users will have at least 14 days of PRO membership. You can gain bonus membership through using features.
You can find the Export button at the bottom of the Settings - Account
You will be notified when the export is successful, and when you open the flomo homepage, you will see that a new MEMO has been automatically created, containing the download link.

Low browser cache space

Just follow the instructions


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