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Leonardo da Vinci's notebook
Stepping into this new digital era of note-taking and productivity, many of us may get lost in the ocean of wonderful tools but find nothing to be written down. Some people may even jump from one tool to another and finally land on the paper notes.
The truth is that tools are supposed to make our thinking easier rather than add more barriers. If we are not sure how to use tools, then we somehow become the slave of tools.
That's why we create this flomo College. The goal behind it is not to encourage you to use flomo more often, but to teach you mindsets of knowledge management so that you can choose and use your tools wisely.
We expect that one day when you graduate from flomo College, you learn a new way of thinking, and finally find a better self.
Marshall McLuhan once said: "We shape our tools and then our tools shape us." May flomo and this College luckily be the tools that once shaped you.